Friday, March 18, 2011

TropOS and some VideOS

Everyone has heard about the devastating news about the Tsunami in Japan. I have read articles about the tragic incident but I have yet to take it upon myself to look up any news stories and really see what it is all about. Seeing something as opposed to reading about news or events definitely is more effective for viewers...I mean for me at least! Not that I watch the news anyway...I know Im 21 years old and I don't keep up with current events...such a terrible habit...BUT in completing this assignment I figured I would take advantage of it and look up videos about the Tsunami! From watching the following video I now have a better understanding of this natural disaster.

Take it all in...and now lets get on with analyzing the video:


The choice of subject is obviously self explanatory -- the Tsunami that hit Japan is a devastating current event. It was predicted that there might be possible after effects on other countries making this a world wide news coverage. The coverage captured the tsunami from a camera that was in the air. Viewing and capturing the tsunami from this angle allows us to encompass the entire event -- you get the full effects of the damage that it has done. If this were filmed at ground level the audience would not get the full effect of how disastrous and huge this tsunami really was. In this video the cameramen included showing cars, boats, and homes being carried away by the water. Showing this allows the audience to see how many of these peoples lives were taken from them - these people lost everything and showing that and the devastation of it all can touch viewers, in hopes that others may reach out to these people. This clip helps tell the story of this event and how quickly our lives can change.

AND the big hype about Charlie Sheen - This is just for you Dr. Nichols! This is because of your comment you made on my last post! Everyone has been talking about how Charlie Sheen is going down hill and how he's gone crazy and I have yet to check it out! So Allison told me to look at the Interview of him on ABC news. The subject of the video was chosen for again reasons that are self explanatory -- Charlie sheen is the new hype of all news/media networks. The angle of the camera a majority of the time focused on Charlie Sheen during the interview because well it is about him. The camera does change angles throughout the video which makes watching it more interesting because viewers are able to look at facial expressions when questions are asked and answered. The interview takes place in a nice room...which is kind of ironic when interviewing Charlie Sheen now however it is a formal interview so it is appropriate background for an Interview conducted by ABC. This clip overtly is covering the craziness of Charlie Sheen and allowing us to get the inside scoop of what is going on with his life!

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