Friday, March 11, 2011

Final Projects...usually make me cringe...not this time!

Where to start? Where to start? Barcelona's culture is so rich and overtly different than the American Culture that I am used to. The personal video should not be too hard to do although focusing in on one main theme seems to be quite challenging. I am thinking maybe use the title of my blog "Mas Alla" and do that idea to incorporate my experience here. Maybe I'll use my "Toto I have a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore" post to help me explain my time here in Barcelona. It would be kind of neat to compare life back at home to here and use pictures from home and pictures from BCN. And that would include food, places, people, education, language, shopping, weather, time, etc. Sounds good! This post will seem like I am talking to myself because well I am. I have not put that much time into really sitting down and putting all my information and pictures together. I have things categorized though so sometime soon I will sit down and lay it all out! I do have ideas in mind but none that are really grabbing my attention...nothing that SCREAMS yes this is perfect for your video! I do however really like the theme of "Mas alla". For my professional video I know I will do something about the importance of being bilingual in the US and for many job opportunities. Spanish is really making its way in the US and a lot of spanish speakers live there. So yes it is important. Especially for my industry. I want to work with a large make up company and so many of these companies work internationally! Also I know I can interview my Conversation teacher here! He's bilingual and is working on his dissertation in both languages. Also a fellow group member is Trilingual and he is in international business so he definitely understands the importance of being able to speak and communicate in other languages. And the Video where I have to talk about a major issue here in Barcelona Im pretty sure I am going to talk about the Catalan language itself. Because in 1970 Barcelona suffered the Regime of General Francisco Franco and had to overcome governmental attempts to erase the Catalan language and the culture altogether. The Catalan culture is something they take great pride in especially their language. It would be neat to do the entire video in Catalan BUT the chances of that are slim considering I can't speak Catalan. Or I just had an Idea for something to put in about culture in the Personal video. Since Barcelona is considered one of the top cities to visit for night life and fun I can hit on that topic. Most tourists come to visit Barcelona just for the hype about the night life here in the city. It starts off with a performance around seven...catch a late dinner afterward...and then hitting the bar or club scene until early early in the morning! A lot of the fiestas are also culture related like Stiges on Fat Tuesday...and Soccer Games...and there are tons tons more!


-Personal- "Mas Alla" theme incorporating all aspects of the culture.

-Professional- The importance of being Bilingual.

-Culture issue- Preserving the Catalan language and culture.

I know this is short for now but I am still thinking. Im just not completely sold on these ideas yet! Hmmmm any help? I greatly appreciate any advice or help! Thanks guys!


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  1. Charlie Sheen and I were looking over your project plans and I asked him what he thought. His response: "Duh - Winning!"