Monday, January 24, 2011

iBienvenidos a Barcelona!

Today was my first day in Barcelona, Spain. So...Update for day one: Tired! Flights went smoothly. The seven hour lay over in Newwark, NJ was not so exciting but I had to do it! I realize how much I love flying though! When I finally reached my destination we were greeted by our program directors who are so much fun! They struggle with their English so we got to help them out -- already switching roles...huh? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around...them helping with our Spanish? Of course and there is plenty of time for that! We got to the hotel that we are staying at for two days before we move into the apartment and its very different! To turn on the lights you have to use your room card. The bathroom is separate from the shower and there is a lovely Bidet waiting to be used at some point just for experience! We had a meeting with our API group here and its a small group but I like it better that way! Love the people...they are all so easy going and very interesting! I am the only person from the south and its OBVIOUS! haha There is a guy with a Boston accent thats crazy thick! It feels like Im not really in a different country but at the same time I am. People are the same here they just speak a different language. They are I guess a lot more friendlier and they like to get in your personal space...and they kiss to greet. No hand shakes allowed. We had our first dinner together and it was sooo good! Now I know where mummy (my best friends mom who lived in Spain for 13 years) gets wanting to feed us all the time! They are always bringing out new a ton of food! We went to some bar not really sure what it was called but I had Sangria and it was great! That is all for right now I have to get to bed though...we have a bus tour tomorrow! I'll keep everyone posted!


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