Friday, January 21, 2011

Challenge 1...Success!

Yes, looking rough I know but who cares! So 23842398492837 steps later the picture is resized!! Yeah, and they say MAC's are user friendly -- user friendly my backside! Okay, so I'll admit this was my first challenge and without the help of Matt Goslee I would have not figured this out on my own. I was on the right track but the later steps...ha...ha...ha now thats a joke. BUTTT whooo got it done and now I can do it all on my own! Above is the photo resized to 800 x 600


And below is the Raw photo from my digital camera which is 3000 x 4000. Boom. Awesome! I will say I'm starting to take a liking to all this technology "stuff" is really quite interesting and very helpful for other classes!

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